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Fascia And Soffit


Roofing Approved providing high quality roofing in Louth, Meath and Dublin area.
Our family company provides high quality roofing installations for every client, based on many years of industrial experience. We offer a fully insured assessment service and manage the repair from beginning to the end.


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*high quality roofing
*unbeatable prices
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roofing approved guttering
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Roofing Service

*Full roofing maintenance

*Fixing damaged roof tiles,ridges & edges

*Domestic Roofing Instalation and Renevals

Guttering Service

*Rain water harvesting system solutions

*Fascia & Soffit installation and repair

*Extensive Gutters Services


*Full check out Service and professional advice

*Breather Membranes & Understating Felts

*Dry verge system

*Power washing of the house wall and roof

*Problems with the chimney and bird nests

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    Sample Works 

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    Fascia&Soffit and Gutters

    Professional Guttering Service

    If you’re looking for PVC fascia and soffit replacement around Dublin, Louth and Meath, we can help. Get your home looking brand new again with our PVC soffit and fascia service.

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    New product on the market

    Copper Strips can be used to kill moss, algae and lichen which grow on roofs, the copper is a natural fungicide used to prevent moss growth. The copper strip is fixed to the ridge of the roof area which allows the copper substance to flow down the roof area.

    At this time of year, damp can be a problem in even the most well-ventilated homes. Aside from the most well-known causes of damp, moss can contribute to the problem by acting as a sponge which soaks water into the structure of a building. When it comes to maintaining the condition and value of your home, prevention is very often better than cure. And that is most certainly the case when it comes to moss growth. When placed just below the roof ridge, and copper strips can prevent the growth of moss.


    "My roof was leaking. I called Roofing Approved, and the guys showed up the same day as they had promised. They quickly and professionally repaired the roof. I am very pleased with Roofing Approved. I recommend it very much!"

    Patrick O'Rourke

    "I have to admit it was the right choice. The professional team has chosen the best option for me. Boys Quickly and carefully replaced the gutters. I'm impressed. I highly recommend Roofing Approved."

    Jenny Bolan

    "I had a clogged gutter, and when it was raining, water poured out of the gutter. I called Roofing Approved. That same day they came and cleaned and drained for me. I recommend Roofing Approved."

    John Martin

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    60 Lavin Park, Tullyallen, Co. Louth
    +353 (85) 801-5111

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